Rembrandt Oil Paints

Posted: April 13, 2010

Taking the PlungeWhoohoo! Take the plunge with Rembrandt!

Finally I have managed to get all the open stock of the Rembrandt Oil Paint, onto our new website, which will let you get 25% off if you order a pack amount. There is a huge colour range to choose from, all made from the purest & best pigments available. I’m particularly fond of the metallic colours, the deeper blues, Quinadrone Rose, and Pearlescent White.

Most of the time I just use these paints straight to canvas, but many professionals actually use Amsterdam Oil, or a different Bulk buy oil paint and the top off and highlight certain colours with the Rembrandt as it is a very intense artist quality paint. The browns are particularly good as they have allot of pigment and don’t just all visually blend together to give a muddy effect. When painted side by side they keep there own boundaries very well.

This painting isnt the one I wanted to put up but it is all I can find and is one I used to top off with Rembrandt Oil Paints.