Apple Pen for Ipad Pro

Posted: December 14, 2015

Introducing the Apple Pen for iPad Pro


Apple recently recruited the gifted artist James Jean after interviewing him to promote their new Pencil Stylus that pairs perfectly with the new iPad Pro. James is a Taiwanese American visual artist who is know for both his fine art gallery work and commercial work. The gifted 36year old has  put the pencil stylus product to good use by drawing out his amazing imagery directly onto the tablet itself which you can see here.

james jean 2

The pencil stylus is just perfect for apple iPad Pro as there are many different things you can acheive with this novel technology on the iPad Pro itself plus the great thing about it is that you can draw and be creative with it. The battery life lasts hours but when needing to charge up it just takes taking a part of at the end of the pencil and has a connection on it that you place into your iPad Pro allowing it to charge. . You can produce broad or single strokes with this wonderful tool and it has been designed to feel and look like a familiar tool. Watch the video  below to see just how works and how creative you can actually be with this apple pencil for the apple iPad pro.


You can see from the close up picture of James Jean drawing here for the Apple pencil that the pencil leaves true sketch marks making it look like a real physical drawing as if on paper.

james jean 3

You can see his work just here on his website.